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Return On Investment

Return on Investment Your ROI can be justified with the skills matrix tool alone. The building of skills matrices in Microft Excel manually can take hours. For Example. Your skills

Customer Improvements

Skills Master Pro works "off the shelf" but we have found this does not fit with all scenarios. To this end we offer free bespoke additions to all our subscription

Key Performance Indicators

KPI's help your business measure the availability of skills in the business Easily theme to your corporate colours Your Key Perfomance Indicators look fantastic as part of your visual management

Skills Master Pro Reports

Skills Master Pro Reports On demand reports help you when it comes to auditing etc. Touch Ready As with all screens in Skills Master Pro our reporting module is touch

Work Instructions

Easy access to Standard Operating Procedures Attach any SOP for a process directly to the skill. A user selects the required skill and all available documentation is shown. Risk Assessments

Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis So you've got the data. What now? Grouping/Filtering The Training Needs Analysis grid has built in functionality for grouping and filtering. It is simple to find the

Skill Safe

Skill Safe is an extremely powerful tool. Find the closest fit from a pre-defined job description or process Plan organisational change with ease Instant allocation of staff to important processes

Employee Dashboard

The Employee Dashboard contains information about the employee including: Courses attended. Departments the employee belongs to. Roles the employee has associated to them. The role profile is shown graphically that,


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